Credit Cards are so 20th Century!

Credit cards are one of the most common ways to pay for goods and services in the United States. Most adults (and teenagers too) have multiple cards issued by several banks or retailers. On the surface, credit cards seem very simple and convenient, as they allow users to maintain a balance of debt and purchase whatever they want at any time. But all this “free money” comes at a great cost: Americans are now carrying trillions of dollars in credit card debt. And that’s a big, big problem.

Credit Card Blues
Credit Rating

Individuals are often refused a credit card because of a poor credit rating. Banks will not provide a line of credit when the worthiness is in doubt, no matter how desperately the line is needed.

Predatory Interest Charges

Americans seem to prefer taking on high-interest credit card debt, rather saving up for a big purchase. While paying off credit card debt over time seems convenient, the high-interest costs actually increase the total payment amount in a big way.

Failed Transactions

Failed transactions are a common problem, particularly when attempting a credit card purchase online. Online purchases can fail if the card doesn’t cover a transaction fee, or if a bank has the card on hold for any number of reasons. And users can only resolve the issue by taking the time to contact the issuing bank.

Fraud and Identity Theft

Credit card transactions may also fail because of fraud. Personal data and card credentials are often stolen, and sometimes even used to access a victim’s bank account. Unfortunately, there still isn’t foolproof protection against credit card fraud.

There’s a Better Way!

Consumers should know that credit cards are not the only way to pay for big purchases. With ChargaCard, consumers and businesses have a new, and helpful means of financial independence. Consumers can pay for big-ticket items over time in affordable monthly installments, with 0% interest and only a 2% transaction fee. ChargaCard directly connects consumers to merchants with no third party engagement. There are no credit cards, no service fees, no interest charges, and no concerns about credit rating. Also, the platform is highly secure, providing protection from both fraud and transaction failure.