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How does ChargaCard work for individuals?

ChargaCard offers a platform that helps individuals pay their bills in installment plans from their own bank account. It goes directly from the individual’s account into the business’ account on an automated payment system. Both parties pay a 2% set up fee when they set up an installment plan, including ten percent of the bill that they owe. Then, each month they pay the agreed upon amount to the business until the bill is paid off.

How can ChargaCard help me with my overdue bills?

ChargaCard can help an individual set up installment plans to pay off big overdue bills. When the individual signs up to our platform, then they will send their installment plan to the business via email for approval. ChargaCard will also call the business on behalf of the individual.

What bills can ChargaCard help me with?

ChargaCard can help with most big bills. For example, if you have a legal bill.This platform can help with bills that are too big to pay all at once. It can also help with overdue bills. When it comes to recurring bills, our system does not currently provide help with these bills. We hope to add this feature in the future.

Does ChargaCard offer a credit card or cash?

ChargaCard does not offer credit cards or cash. Our system is a platform for you to pay your bills via an installment plan directly from your account into the account of the business/company.

Can ChargaCard pay my bills for me?

Sorry, ChargaCard does not pay your bills for you. We provide a platform for you to pay your bills to the business/company via an installment plan. We allow you to choose a date for the payment to come out of your account and transfer that money from your account each month of the installment plan.

Why can’t I try to make new installment plans for other bills?

There could be a few reasons why you cannot create a new credit line to a business.

  • - You could have past due amounts you have not paid.
  • - Your score is not high enough.
  • - Your total amount of credit is maxed out.

I need to know my balance. How can I find it?

The balance is under your profile. If you go under your account, Dwolla has your balance appear under your name.

How do I pay a bill?

When you are verified and have a ChargaCard account, you can click on the option “Pay my Bills.” This will allow you to enter the billing information, the business information, and the business email. The business will then get an email to confirm or deny this request. At this point, it is up to the business if they will let you pay in an installment plan. If they agree, you can start paying the business through the ChargaCard platform.

What are the fees for ChargaCard?

There is no fee to sign up for ChargaCard! There is only a transaction fee that you pay at the beginning of your installment plans. This fee is charged your first month. We only charge 2% per party for each transaction of your installment plan.

The business accepted my request of installment plans. Now what should I do?

Once the business accepts your request for installment plans and you are happy with the agreement, the agreed upon transaction will go automatically from your account to the business’s account every month. The first month you will pay ten percent of your bill, plus the 2% setup fee. The rest of the months will be the agreed upon fixed amount.

Can I pay off my balance early?

Unfortunately, as of now, this feature is not yet implemented on our site. Our tech team is working on this feature and it should be available soon.

What does it mean when the program asks me for a microdeposit?

A micro deposit is just an extra step to verify your account. Once you log in to your account, go to Settings where you can enter and submit amounts that were deposited to your bank account (both should be under $1). After the deposit amounts are verified, you can offer an installment plan to relevant businesses to pay your bills.

What happens if an individual does not have enough money in their account to pay for the monthly bill to the business. What does a business do if an individual tries to close their account and refuses to pay? Is there a penalty?

If an individual does not have the money in their account, then we give them a 15 day period pay their bill. After that, it must be handled between the business and the individual. You can only cancel your ChargaCard account when you have no outstanding balance.

How do I sign up for ChargaCard?

Our sign up process is very easy:

  1. 1) go to https://app.chargacard.com/sign-up
  2. 2) enter your phone and email and then log in to your account;
  3. 3) enter necessary personal information when prompted (you may be required to upload your ID for verification);
  4. 4) create payment plans by clicking on “Pay My Bills” option and adding the information of your bill;
  5. 5) add your bank information.

Can I have two or more installment plans with the same business?

Yes, you can have more than one installment plan to the same business. ChargaCard allows you to have as many installment plans as you would like as long as the business accepts them.

I have multiple bills. How do I create installment plans for them?

The individual can create different installment plans for each bill they may have. The individual just enters the information for each bill under the option of, “Pay my Bills.” This will send approval to set up each installment plan to the business that it relates to.

Can I cancel a payment made through ChargaCard?

Yes, you can normally cancel a payment when it is in the pending stage or unclaimed. If the payment has has already been completed, then you will need to contact the receiver and ask for a refund.

How does ChargaCard work for businesses?

ChargaCard is a platform that businesses can use to collect debt from their clients. The platform takes out automated payments from the individual’s account so it is easier for the businesses to collect this payment. Businesses pay a 2% set up fee when they accept an installment plan. Then, they will receive money directly into their business account. You can sign up by following the link here to the sign up page.

How can ChargaCard help my business?

ChargaCard can help your business with its secure and easy client installment system to help clients who have difficulty paying large upfront bills pay their bills. This saves you the hassle of hiring collection agencies and also allows you to maintain strong client relations.

How do I as a business send a request to customers to pay their bills?

A business just needs to find the option on their account to, “Get Paid.” This allows the business to send the individual a request to set up installment plans. The business will need to enter the individual’s name, email, and enter information about the invoice to the system. The business will then enter how much they want the individual to pay each month.

What happens if I don’t have enough funds on my bank account?

If the individual does not have enough funds in their bank account, then the system gives a fifteen day grace period to have the money into their account. After that, it is has to be handled between the business and the individual. An individual can only cancel their ChargaCard account when they have no outstanding bills.