How does ChargaCard work? What is ChargaCard?

We have all woken up in the middle of the night dripping in sweat and full of anxiety as we wrestle with “How to pay the bills?”. This drains us emotionally and physically and only compounds when we have to deal with collection agencies, America’s evolved and modernized version of an old relative “the olden day tax collectors.” These collection agencies will do almost anything to make you pay a debt with a dictated payment time, overwhelming amount, and enormous interest rate. But not to worry! ChargaCard is here to help! 


What is ChargaCard?

ChargaCard is an online platform that helps you plan and pay your bills in installments. ChargaCard is not a physical card but a virtual card and is especially effective in helping to pay large bills like a legal, medical or utility bills. An important disclaimer: “We do not offer loans, cash or pay bills on anyone’s behalf. We simply provide a platform through which you can pay a company/business via an installment plan.” ChargaCard allows the individual to choose the date of the month they wish to pay their bills and how much per month they can afford to pay installmentally. The platform is also extremely helpful in aiding businesses to get paid the amount that they are owed securely through our automated system.



How does ChargaCard work?

ChargaCard offers a platform that aids you in paying your bills over a designated period of time directly from your bank account. You sign up by going on to and go on to either the Business or Individual sign-up category depending if you are a business looking to be paid or an individual looking to settle an outstanding bill. Then, fill in all necessary requested information and you will be sent a secure code via email for your account. Once your account is verified (This takes 24-48 hours), you can then send an installment plan request to the business/company that you are trying to pay. To do this, click on “Pay my bills” and enter the business information you are trying to pay. This will send a request to the business/company to accept or deny the installment plans. If they approve the request, you can set up a date for the bills to be paid and start using the ChargaCard platform to pay the installment plan.