How to deal with collection agencies

Let’s Make Debt Collection Agents A Relic of the Past


Each day, nearly 70 million Americans are contacted by debt collectors. If you’ve ever received one of these phone calls, you know firsthand that these calls can be threatening, intrusive, and just plain awful to receive. These debt collectors, otherwise known as collection agents, claim to help indebted parties pay their bills to creditors. But as we all know, they can create more problems than they solve. And they also take enormous commission fees from the businesses they purport to serve. We think there’s a more compassionate and effective approach to collecting outstanding debts that don’t destroy credit ratings or cause this anxiety.


The ChargaCard Solution

ChargaCard is a solution that frees businesses and consumers from collection agencies, allowing for easy debt payments via affordable monthly installments. With ChargaCard, consumers pay off debts over time, and with 0% interest. The platform is free, there are no monthly charges, and the transaction fee is only 2%. There are no harassing phone calls or emails for the consumer, and there’s no waiting for the business. ChargaCard is low cost, reliable, and very easy to use.


Worry-Free Payments

ChargaCard facilitates direct contact between debtor and creditor, thereby removing collection agents from the equation. It’s a platform that allows for stress-free debt resolution, protects consumers from third-party involvement, and saves businesses time and money.


Advice on Dealing with Debt Collectors

Proof of Debt: A 2016 CFPB survey concluded debt collectors request the wrong payment amount over 50% of the time. Consumers have a legal right to request information about the creditor being represented and to understand how and why their bill was sent to the collection agent. Furthermore, consumers may dispute a payment request or insist upon its validation.

Track Bills: Maintain payment records in order to protect yourself from debt collectors. And feel free to request payment information from the collection agent himself.

Easy Access to Archived Correspondence: Recorded emails, chats and phone calls can provide protection from pushy, aggressive debt collectors.  

Stand Your Ground. Know your rights, so you can protect your finances and reputation. Collectors can’t call consumers before sending written notes, nor can they contact family members, attempt to make contact too frequently, or use offensive or threatening language. And consumers can defend themselves with lawyers or consumer protection organizations.