Running a Business is Stressful. So Try These Quick Tips.

Starting a business provides the freedom to choose how, where, and who we work with. But it also comes with great responsibility to your customers, your employees, and your community. Managing and growing a business isn’t easy. It requires intense dedication, patience, and perseverance. Business owners carry the burden of responsibility, and the pressure often causes anxiety and stress, which can threaten the health of both the individual and the business itself. Stress can result in exhaustion, loss of concentration and apathy, which can drive a business into the ground. Entrepreneurs need to maintain both physical and mental health.

Types of Stress

Many Americans deal with acute stress, a common type caused by frustrations in day-to-day life: a failed negotiation, losing a contract, a messy office, and more. The emotional toll can lead to physical ailments like headaches, back problems, and stomach issues, among others. Fortunately, acute stress can be managed and usually doesn’t lead to long-term health problems. It can also provide motivation to work harder and overcome problems.

Episodic stress is similar to acute stress, but is more intense and usually lasts longer. Entrepreneurs often demand too much of themselves, setting unreachable goals and then stressing over perceived “failures.” Physical symptoms include hypertension, headaches, chest pains, and even heart disease.

The most dangerous type is chronic stress, which can result in deadly heart attacks, strokes, and even suicide. Chronic stress is a long-term condition fueled by a negative perception of the world and is often part of the afflicted person’s everyday life. People with chronic stress struggle to move past stressors and often view their lives as hopeless.

Ways to Prevent and Manage Stress


Regular sleep is considered one of the best treatments for stress, more effective than most medications. While sleeping, a person’s brain is “restarting” like a computer, releasing the individual from information overload and allowing the mind, and body, to heal. Better sleep leads to lower anxiety levels and improved concentration.

Take Breaks.

Many business owners tell themselves there’s no time for rest, that they need to maintain constant focus and control, and a high-energy office atmosphere. But the brain must have the rest it needs. It’s difficult to stay organized when tired. Managing others consumes a lot of energy. No matter how strong the individual, the human body becomes fatigued, leading to a loss in concentration. Do your business a favor – make a habit of regular breaks at work.

Eat Healthy.

Poor nutrition is directly linked to stress. People often prefer to eat quickly, rather than healthy. Foods high in fat and sugar can lead to depression and stress. Eat more green vegetables, prepare your meals at home, stay away from those burgers. And don’t drink too much coffee! Excessive coffee consumption can cause high blood pressure, an irregular heartbeat, and insomnia. Have a glass of water, with lemon or lime, instead.


The most important thing is a quiet place where you can relax. Find a quiet cafe or a green park square. Make yourself comfortable, take deep breaths, close your eyes, feel the emptiness around you, and stop thinking about your problems. Do this for 10-15 minutes, then breath out and open your eyes. Take in the feeling of joy and serenity.


Use a piece of paper and a pen. It’s important to write by hand. Make a list of the day’s negative, irritating events. Do this every day and track your stressors. At the end of the month, draw conclusions about what bothers you the most, and find ways to deal with it.


Share your worries with others. Speak to friends and family you’re close to. Tell them about your day and the difficulties you face. Don’t be afraid to visit a therapist. Just a few sessions can help flush out your worries.

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