When Insurance Says No, ChargaCard Says Yes!

Many Americans cannot afford to confront the high cost of health insurance. Heart conditions, diabetes, stroke, cancer and other diseases claim the lives of millions every year, and roughly 20% of the population suffers from depression at some point in their lives. While most of these illnesses can be remedied, the cost of preventive care and proper treatment has increased dramatically in recent years, and unfortunately, this makes it very difficult for too many Americans to access the healthcare they need.

Relying on Insurance, Personal Savings and Loans

The American healthcare industry accounts for a staggering $3.4 trillion every year, and, because insurance does not always cover the entire cost of treatment, patients are often left with bills they simply cannot afford to pay. The vast majority of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings to fall back on, and many indebted patients look to high-interest bank loans or predatory credit cards or payday lenders, which often worsen the problem.

ChargaCard Can Help

ChargaCard is a payment platform that helps indebted patients pay their bills easily, over time, and with 0% interest. Patients and healthcare providers access the platform to make or request cash payments, and, more importantly, to request or offer Installment Plans. ChargaCard Installment Plans are automated, with monthly cash payments occurring the same day each month. Installment Plans are only implemented after a patient accepts the terms and conditions, and they can be canceled at any time. Payments move directly from patient to healthcare provider bank account, so there’s no third party involvement and therefore, no extra fees!

Easy, Low Cost and Safe

Signing on to ChargaCard is so simple, and completely free. Linking a bank account to the platform takes less than a minute, and puts the user in direct control of her or his finances. There are no monthly fees or merchant charges, and our transaction fee is always 1%, regardless of payment size or changes in interest rates. ChargaCard is obsessed with customers security and deploys state of the art TLS 1.2 encryption protocol.

Helping America’s Future

We believe that our installment plans provide a better and more caring way to help families in need. Simply put, ChargaCard cares about your health.